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Monday, June 5, 2017

6/5/2017 Lots of driving and some miracles!


This week was super super busy, but awesome as usual. We weren't in Dijon much, because we had MLC in Lyon, then district meeting in Lausanne, but it was a really good week. I got to do an exchange with the Port des Alpes equipe in Lyon, which was a blast. We had two other exchanges, with the elders from Bienne and Yverdon, and both of those went really well. Not a whole lot of craziness this week though. We got to visit a local museum here in Dijon, which was really cool (and air conditioned, hallelujah, it's getting super hot). It's been a blast working with Elder Johnson- he's super funny, and we get lots done. 

Honestly, besides all the meetings and exchanges, not a whole lot happened. We had an awesome rendezvous with Poe, and the spirit was super strong. He leaves on military duty tomorrow, so we have one more meal with him tonight, and then I might not see him again, cuz he gets back in July. Honestly, it's been super cool watching him and his family progress. It's crazy how much you come to love the people you serve. I love Dijon. I'd love to serve another transfer here, but I'm also so so excited to be able to see some more of France or Switzerland!

I had a pretty awesome spiritual experience the other day. We had a rendezvous with a member named Frére Nicolas, and it went okay. He's an older guy who is sometimes hard for me to understand and connect with, and I was ready to go home for the night. But then we went to say the closing prayer, and he asked if he could pray in English, for some practice, and we said yes. So he started praying in really broken English, and all of the sudden the spirit was so strong and I just had the craziest feeling of love for this older, kind of weird guy sitting on the park bench next to me. It was like God had opened my eyes and let me see his son Brother Nicolas like He saw him. Anywho, it was crazy, and I had to hurry and wipe some tears before he said amen. I love the people here in Dijon, and I'm so excited to watch that love grow. The mission is weird but awesome!

Love you guys!

Elder Suisse


Us on exchange with Bienne, picking cherries at Soeur Cuisiat's

Me and Elder Thomas at MLC. Haven't seen him since the beginning of March!

Me and Elder Johnson in a very photogenic outer ville

Some awesome swords at the museum we visited

The sweet arch in Centerville

The palace of the Duke of Burgogne

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