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Monday, June 12, 2017

Chess and Missionary work! 6/12/17

This letter's going to be pretty short, so apologies in advance, we've got zone conference tomorrow and we'll have to leave for Besancon in just a bit. This week was super hectic! We had an exchange with Besancon towards the start, which was super fun! Elder Moss and I did some awesome contacting, and I learned lots! 

On Wednesday, we headed over to Lausanne for an exchange with the zone leaders, which was a blast! Probably the highlight of my week. Switzerland is so beautiful! I got to go with Elder Johnson, and we contacted for a bit by Lac LĂ©mon. We were walking and we saw a giant chess board on the ground and I was like "I feel like we should play chess and see what happens," and Elder Johnson was like "sure!" so we started playing. We had a whole bunch of tourists take pictures of us, which was weird, but then like five people came over and started taking sides and we met and talked to a ton of people! After we finished, this old retired Swiss dude wanted to play us, and this awesome Italian engineer guy who was there for a business trip teamed up with us, and we got our butts kicked. We ended up with a lot of contacts though, and I got to meet a ton of super awesome people! There was neurosurgeon from Holland who talked with us for a bit, and a businessman from Portugal. I'm pretty sure Switzerland's the coolest place on earth. After that, met up with a bunch of other missionaries at a Spanish couple's house for an awesome rendezvous and tasty food. 

Then on Sunday we had some cool miracles! One of our recent converts, Nomena, brought here friend who's from Madagascar, named Sergio, to church with her and he's super interested in learning more, so we'll be teaching him. And THEN, this other random girl showed up and said she also wanted to take lessons, so we'll be teaching her too. So cooool!

Anywho, those were just some of the highlights from this week. Sorry again for the short email, next week's should be a bit longer (Zone conference and district meeting! So psyched!)

Elder Suisse

Me and Elder Johnson by the Olympic countdown clock (Lausanne is the Olympic's headquarters, so they have a giant building by the lake)
A cheesecake made by a member that I took a picture of cuz it's awesome
Some cool old building in Lausanne
Us with the old dude who beat us and the cool Italian
Some pics of Lac Lemon

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