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Monday, June 19, 2017

Edification, driving and a ridiculous amount of cherries 6/19/17

So! This week was pretty crazy. Honestly, the title pretty much sums up everything. 

Monday was p-day, then we drove an hour to Besancon to pick up the Elders there, then like four hours to Annemasse. Tuesday morning we drove an hour and a half to Geneva (normally a half hour drive, but with the traffic it was triple). Then we had zone conference (more on that later, it was so good!), and it was about a four hour drive home. Then another hour to Besancon again Wednesday night, three more to Lausanne for district meeting Thursday morning, and three more home. Literally so much driving, but it was totally worth it!

Zone conference was so good! The Assistants trained us on how to train members on using Facebook to share the gospel (no Facebook for us yet though). There was a lot about finding interested people, and having the faith to invite people to baptism. Then Soeur Brown had us run outside and play charades while running back and forth between little inflatable pools of water (which was appreciated, it's getting super hot here). After that, the departing missionaries (Elders Pesnell, Herf and Mckee, and Sisters Thompson, Goreeba and Baetie) all shared their testimonies and it was so cool and so spiritual and everyone cried and it was awesome. At the end, President and Sister Brown bore their testimonies. President Brown said something that I really liked. He quoted a conference talk (I don't remember who's it was, but it's pretty recent), and said that as missionaries, and as members, we need to share the gospel with our eyes, and if necessary, use words. I really like that and I've thought about it a little since then. I think that those of us who have experience with the gospel all have the principles and doctrines that we're taught firmly lodged in our brains. We know the stuff. I believe that the purpose of the mission, and of life in general, is to get the gospel from our heads to our hearts, so it shows through our eyes. We've got a light, and it would be a real shame if we didn't share it with those who are stumbling around looking for the switch.

After conference, we had lunch, and I got to have my interview with President Brown. Let me tell you, that guy is 10/10 inspired. He solved like all my worries with a hug and like twelve words total. I've had a lot on my mind these last couple weeks, and it came pouring out when we sat down. He helped me figure everything out, and I learned a lot. Before I left, he said "Dijon is one of the whitest and most ready-to-harvest fields in the mission. It's just waiting for someone to go in and take care of it. Allez-vous le faire?" Talk about inspirational! Anywho, zone conference was a blast.

Wednesday was good. We picked cherries at Soeur Cuisiat's neighbor's house, then drove and had an awesome lesson with a less-active couple, then drove to Besancon.

Thursday was district meeting, and Elder Johnson gave a killer lesson. Lots about comp unity. I learned a lot, and I'm excited to finish this transfer strong (Crazy that it's already week five!). After that, we had our exchange with Bienne, so Elder Teuscher and I took care of some passbacks and it was great. 

Friday was pretty awesome. I got to open presents in the morning (Yeah! Nineteen years old!), then we drove and passed some super cool members and came back and contacted for a bit.

Saturday was pretty low key. We picked cherries at the Casagrande's for a while (third time doing that in like a week). (Okay, literally just got a text while writing this from Soeur Cuisiat asking if we can come over and pick cherries at her other neighbor's house when we're done with emails) So many cherries...

Anywho, pretty busy week, and it's nice to be back in Dijon! As far as miracles go, we've definitely had more than our fair share this week. Sergio and Ségolène, the two random visitors to church last Sunday that I think I mentioned in last week's email, are now for reals investigators, which is awesome. In addition, two other ancient amis (old investigators) are again interested, so we should hopefully be teaching them again this week. Super excited!

Okay, that's about all I can remember. All in all a pretty awesome week. Love you all, and thanks so much for your support! You da' best!

Elder Suisse

Us at zone conference!
Random train when we stopped to stretch our legs between Geneva and Besancon

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