Toulouse, France

Monday, May 21, 2018

Crazy weather and member work!

Okay, this week's email is going to be pretty short (soorrryyy) - we've got a whole bunch of missionaries in Toulouse for a tri-zone conference tomorrow (which is going to be awesome), and we don't have a ton of time, so I'll stick to the basics!
This week we worked with tons of members and really got to know a lot of people. Toulouse Capitole ward!! We played lots of soccer on Saturday, found some cool amis and pretty much just enjoyed the work and all the blessings involved. Time is flying by and I'm so grateful to be here!

So sorry for the short email, I'll try to be better next week!
Elder Suisse

Us eating dinner with some visiting missionaries and some of our awesome members
The beautiful japanese garden right next to our house!
Us eating dinner again with some different members (please note that there was real-life A&W ROOTBEER)
IKEA trip! Always fun.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Happy mothers day!

Bonjour !
This week was super busy and very rainy, but we had some great rendezvous. Maybe not the easiest of weeks, but I'm still loving life :)
Tuesday we had some cool rendez-vous with some of our amis, and a Tahitian family in the evening. It's crazy how many different people you meet when you step away from where you live - the diversity in this world just blows me away! 
Wednesday I had an exchange with Elder Wolfgramm, on of the missionaries in the Concord ward. He's been out for about three months and is already an awesome missionary. We had lots of rendez-vous and had a few fall through as well. 
Friday was district meeting! Elder Sweet gave a great lesson on finding and working with members, and we ate like six kilos of quiche.
Saturday morning we played foot (soccer) and had a great English class - Jean-Pierre, one of our "students" who's like 70 years old, taught me a bunch of French idioms, and now I'm just waiting for the perfect time to use them haha
Sunday was definitely the highlight of my week. Church was great, and then I got to Skype my family! Always the greatest :) 
Pday today was pretty chill. We played tennis and did yoga at the park, did some groceries, bought some Belgian waffles et voilà. Nice calm day.
I'm loving Toulouse and the work, and I feel great! This week I'd like to especially thank my mom! You're the greatest! You teach me every day and I wouldn't be who I am if it weren't for your awesome example! Je t'aime maman :)
Elder Suisse

Our wonderful district 
Elder Wolfgramm and I taking a last minute exchange selfie
We were practicing a musical number and eating lunch after church, et il fallait prendre une photo ill


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Toulouse capitole- actually perfect?

Bonjour à tous,
This week was awesome and so busy! The weather has been on and off, but the work has been steady and so much fun! We have a few really cool amis and I've been really enjoying "la ville rose". 
Tuesday was MLC, which was fantastic as usual. We talked all about better working with and teaching with members, and I got to see all of my old pals. Plus we got to ride an airplane there and back, which was super cool. 
Wednesday we finally took the time to sit down and clean our apartment - long story short, it was super gross but Elder Johnson and I survived the battle and now it's nice and clean :) that night we ate with la famille Sono, who are quickly becoming some of my favorite members ever! 
Thursday we had conseille de paroisse (Ward council) and holy cow this ward is a machine! Assignments flying left and right, everyone doing their jobs and loving those they serve, and they're all best friends! The bishop, Frère Janda, is hilarious, and I'm super excited to work with everyone. 
Friday was super busy! We had like four rendezvous with awesome people, and tried to have a member with us at everyone - it changed everything! I've never had such touching rendezvous! En plus, one of the members made a killer tartiflette for after the lesson - good stuff. 
Saturday was also crazy. We play soccer every Saturday morning and it's fun but exhausting, then we do an English class at the chapel, which also went great this week. 
Sundays are the best! Church was wonderful - it was testimony meeting and a bunch of people shared their conversion stories and it was really powerful. 
Today was a blast! We got permission to leave our secteur and go to Carcassonne for pday to see the castle. 10/10 would recommend - one of the greatest pdays ever! 
Anywho, this week was fantastic. I learned a lot about the power of members - our work is just not possible without the support of the members! Go talk to the missionaries! Ask them how their amis are doing and what you can do to help them! I promise it will make their day! 
Je vous aime et bonne semaine ! 
Elder Suisse 
Carcassonne! They were doing some modern art thing, so the castle was covered in yellow tape that only made sense if you're standing in a particular spot. 
The MTC crew reunites! 
More Carcassonne :)
Post MLC pizza 

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Toulouse life

Bonjour tout le monde !
We're in an airplane on the way back to Toulouse from a leadership conference right now - I'll send this when we land. Anywho, this week was awesome! I love Toulouse! Every day was so busy, and it's been awesome to start getting to know the ward and other missionaries!
Tuesday we did a ton of gardening for a bunch of people and I got sunburned for the first time in like a year and a half, so that was cool.
Thursday the Bayonne elders came in and I got to do an exchange with Elder Wetenkamp! We taught some amis and it was pretty great - he's pretty much my hero.
Friday we had some great rendezvous with our amis and then had our "soirée missionnaire" with the youth - we played some games and ate a ton of food, and I just love our ward so much!
Saturday was crazy! We helped some members move in the morning, swung by the chapel to help out with the Rodez elders' baptism, then ate dinner with a Tahitian family in the ward. That evening was stake conference, and I got to see people from all over the west side of France.
Sunday was stake conference part two! Awesome talks on lifelong service and love, and Elder Sweet and I translated.
Today was great! We played tennis in the morning, grabbed some cake at a café, then ate pizza at the church with all the missionaries coming in for MLC. Then we hopped on our plane! MLC was a blast but I'm tired and ready to be back in Toulouse :) 
This week was great and I'm loving life - seeing my friends learn and change as we teach is just about the coolest experience I could ask for. I love being out here and I'm grateful for the chance to serve!
Je vous aime !
Elder Suisse

Our soirée missionnaire
Plane ride

Monday, April 23, 2018

Toulouse- la Terre promise

What a week! So much happened! I'll try to remember as much as I can!
Tuesday through Thursday we met with a lot of our amis and members to say goodbye, which was really tough - I'll miss my dear branche de Martigny! 
Friday we drove to Geneva and I said goodbye to Elder Wilkinson and caught a train to Lyon with a bunch of missionaries and we slept in Lyon.
Saturday morning we jumped on the train and four hours later I was in Toulouse! I love this place! We had a rendezvous that evening with an awesome family in the ward (Toulouse Captitole ward) and everyone is literally the coolest! Elder Johnson is just about the nicest person I know and I'm super psyched for this transfer!
Sunday I met the ward! I love this place already! The bishop is incredible, and all of the members I met are so solid! Apparently the ward moves like clockwork and loves the missionaries and I already love them all! And the missionaries here are so much fun - the sisters are from Colombia/Luxembourg and Scotland, and the Concorde Elders are American. 
Today's p-day was awesome! First off, groceries are like half the price as they were in Switzerland, so that was real nice. Then we went clothes shopping in downtown Toulouse with all the missionaries and it turns out Toulouse is basically Lyon but cleaner and mixed with Spain, from what I can figure. Then we met up with a recently returned missionary in our ward and went to a golfing range for a few hours. This place is the greatest and I'm so excited to meet our amis and get to know the missionaries in our zone!
In our rendezvous with la famille Sono on Saturday, we shared a thought on the temple. The daughter, about thirteen years old, had just gotten back from a trip to the Bern temple with the Toulouse stake. She said that when she got there, she cried because she hadn't wanted to come. Then at the end, she cried because she didn't want to leave. I'm so grateful for the temple, and for a loving Heavenly Father who encourages us to be sealed together forever with our families. I'm so grateful for my family too! And I'm so grateful for the chance I have to serve the people of Toulouse!
Merci, je vous aime! Allons-y!
Elder Suisse

Us and the Concorde elders trying out the sunglasses at H&M
The squad

Monday, April 16, 2018

Legality and transfers!

This week was super exciting! We had some great rendezvous with our amis and members, and the weather is beautiful and I just love my Martigny branch! 
Thursday and Friday - Elder Wilkinson and I drove like six hours to Béziers to finish my legal work (I'm officially legal to live in France for another year!), and stayed the night with the elders there. Friday morning was our transfer calls! I'll be going to Toulouse to serve with Elder Scott Johnson - one of my mission heroes and I'm so psyched! Due to crazy French greves (strikes), transfer day will be this Saturday, which meant this Sunday was my last in Martigny... We got plenty of pictures with members, and ten of our less-active members showed up to say goodbye (I love everyone here so much!) 
Bref, I've so loved my time here in Switzerland and I'm excited to get as much done as I can this week! This has really been a transfer of miracles! I know that God loves us and is 100% aware of everything we do. He's with us in every happy moment and every heartache, and I'm so grateful for this opportunity I have to serve Him. 

Je vous aime! Bonne semaine!
Elder Suisse

Pics (including goodbye selfies...):
More awesome mountains
Us and the Collards eating choux à la crème
Me and Marvin, basically my adopted brother
Les beau gosses de Martigny
La famille Grangier being serious, except for Abygaël