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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Transfer Madness! 7/3/2017

Bonjour ! 
Okay, this week was crazy! First off, transfer calls were on Friday! I'm staying in Dijon, and I'm receiving Elder Lutu. Four transfers in Dijon, I'm super excited to be able to keep serving the people I love here! It was weird to say goodbye to Elder Johnson and still stay here, but I'm super excited to stay. 
In other news, the work is really progressing here! We had a couple lessons with Ségolène, which went super well. One less active family contacted us and said they want to have their 9 year old daughter baptized, so we'll be starting lessons with her as well. 
We had some other cool lessons with some less active members. Miracle of the week: we were passing some less active members I'd found on our ward list in this tiny village. We had passed a couple other families and none of the visits had gone well, so we were feeling pretty down about it. We (Elder Shirley and I) rang the doorbell and this old dude answered the door, and we were like "ugh, here we go..." but then he invited us in! He gave us juice and a tour of his house, then we talked and hung out for like an hour. Then his wife got home and she was like "missionaries! We haven't had contact with the church for 30 years!" They asked for our number and the address of the church, then gave us a while bunch of homemade honey and told us to come back next week! Little miracle and much appreciated! 
Other fun stuff: had a primary water balloon activity. It ended up being super cold, so all the kids were throwing balloons at each other in coats. Super hilarious. 
Anywho, I'm in Lyon rn waiting for Elder Lutu to get here, so pretty psyched for that! I can't remember a whole lot of other stuff that happened. I've been thinking a lot about the Atonement this week, and I've learned a lot. So grateful for the plan that has been prepared for us! It's not easy, but that's what makes it so great and allows us to grow. I love you all, and I can feel the support. 
Gros bisous ! 
Elder Suisse 

Pics :
The primary activity
Selfie with Ségolène, Nomena and Elder Shirley
A TWO-WAY country road. Insane. 

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