Toulouse, France

Monday, July 10, 2017

Bonjour ! 
This week was great! Lots of changes, and some pretty awesome miracles! First off, Elder Lutu is super cool! He's in his 13th transfer, and he's way chill. He's from Idaho (Boise), but his dad is Samoan. He came in Monday, and we just worked hard all week. We did a lot of driving to outer villes, and had a lot of mangezvous with members. We also did a ton of contacting, which was less fun, but still good. Funny story, one day we were in a small village looking for a less active member, and this dude stopped us and asked who we were looking for, then started freaking out at us and asked us for identification and being super rude. Turns out there had been some robberies or something in the neighborhood and he was just extra suspicious, but we still had to practice some charity and not get mad at him. 

But I'm honestly so glad that I get to stay another transfer! I realized the other day that I'll be in Dijon for a quarter of my mission. Super excited to be able to keep working with the ward that I love here! Also our awesome amis ! I love Dijon :) 

This week has been reeeeaaaallllyyy hot, like hotter than Dijon has been for a long time. But it also rained a lot the last couple days, like huge storms, so that helped a lot. 

In other news, the Tour de France passed through our secteur on the 7th. We couldn't go, sadly, but some of our awesome members came to church Sunday with a bunch of souvenirs, so that was sweet. It's a big thing here, and everyone gets super excited about it. They closed down a bunch of roads in our secteur so they could come through, which actually messed up some of our plans haha. Really cool to be here for that! 

We had a really cool experience on Tuesday with Ségolène! We were there with one of the young women in our ward who's preparing for her mission, and I asked about how expérience with our last week's invitation went (she had no real religious background and was unfamiliar with the idea of having Christ as her Savior, so we asked her to fast, pray and study). She said she'd worked on it all week, and I asked her what she learned. She looked at us and just said super simply "yeah, I know He's my Redeemer." So cool! So we talked some more about something of her questions, and at the end of the lesson, we invited her to baptism on July 29th and she said yes! So we're hoping and praying that she continues to progress. Really really cool lesson! She texted us later with some other questions and concerns. She said she's worried with finding answers, so we asked her how she had gained the testimony that Christ loved her, and she said she didn't know for sure until we asked her in the rendezvous, then she just had this overwhelming feeling that she could and should say yes. So we're trying to help her realize how much faith she really, and how she personally receives revelation. Super awesome person! 

Also! I got to see Poe again! I thought I'd be transfered, so I was so glad to be able to hang out with him for another six weeks! He and Tatiana had their baby! Her name is super long and I can't pronounce it, but she's adorable! Love those guys! 

Anywho, pretty simple week, but really good! Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement, I love you guys! 

Elder Suisse 

First comp pic! 
Poe, Tatiana and the baby! 
One of our cathedrals with the stormy sky is  the back - awesome! 

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