Toulouse, France

Monday, August 7, 2017

Zone Conference and S'mores!

This week was pretty great! I remembered to bring my journal with me today, so I should be able to remember a few things this week! 
First off, I love Dijon! It's starting to sink in that transfer calls are this Friday, and I'll probably be leaving my wonderful bleu-ville! I just love the members here so much, and the ville is beautiful, and it's just so awesome! But I'm also super excited to see some more of France or Switzerland, and meet some new people, so it's chill. 
Highlights of this week included:
Two awesome rendezvous with our new ami, Katinia. She's the almost-nine-year-old daughter of a less-active Samoan family, and we're hoping her progression has a good effect on them! Every time we teach a lesson, her job is to teach it to her family for family night, and it's honestly the awesomest thing! We also had a great rendezvous with our other new ami, Gloire! He's from the Congo and speaks French and Lingala (idk how to spell it), and he's super chill. Hopefully he keeps progressing this week. 
We ate s'mores on Tuesday with a family in our ward. I have not been able to find marshmallows ANYWHERE, but apparently Haribo makes them, so that was good to know. Not exactly the same as the U.S., but a good effort and a nice reminder of home. Speaking of food, I decided I wanted to eat healthier (I'm worried that all the cheese and chocolate will start adding up), so today when we were shopping, I bought a bunch of fruits and stuff, and I was going to buy cucumbers and stuff, but guess what?! Ranch dressing is not a thing here! So that was a big disappointment. On the bright side, pistachios are super cheap, so that was nice to find out. 
We've had pretty crazy weather this week. It's either like 40° C and humid and awful, or it's pouring rain and lightning, so that's been cool. I'm still counting my blessings that I got to serve up north during the summer!
On Friday we had zone conference! Always so much fun! President brought this giant sword for part of his presentation on how Facebook will be a double-edged weapon, helpful but potentially dangerous, so that was interesting. We also got to hear the departing testimonies from three of our awesome missionaries, including Elder Moss, who's been in Besançon since I entered the mission. I literally love our zone so much! Everyone is so great! Go Lausanne! 
Today we decided to do the full official tour of Dijon for my possibly last p-day here. We stopped in a couple of museums and got very sunburned walking around. I'm gonna miss this place, but I'm excited :)
Spiritual thought this week comes from some thoughts shared by our awesome members this fast and testimony meeting. First off was a couple with a daughter out on a mission who talked about missionary work and how they are happy to make the sacrifice of not having their child with them for a while, because they've seen the joy that the gospel brings to their life, and know it has to be shared. Then an older sister gave an awesome testimony about the Atonement. She made the observation that, as hard as the physical pain involved was, the mental and emotional agony had to have been worse. A perfect Being willingly took sin, something totally opposite to everything he was, upon himself for us. So grateful for Him and everything He's done for me. I get to live with my family forever, and all it takes is my best effort, as imperfect as that is. I love this gospel you guys. We are so blessed! Love you all, thank you for your prayers and keep being great!

Je vous aime!
Elder Suisse

A cow in one of the paintings at the museum. Couldn't resist taking a picture.
Awesome sunset in Besançon
Cool buildings in centre ville
Giant swords in one of the museums. Literally taller than me.
More cool buildings. Dijon might not have an ocean, or mountains, or any cool hikes, or even a Burger King, but we have a lot of cool buildings.

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